CPSC - Korea Tech Special Internship Program

Date :  July 2-19, 2012   /
Venue :   Manila, Philippines    /
Program Type: Customized Program  /

The main program contents are as follows:


-Theme Paper 1: Principles and Techniques in Generic Skills Development for the Global Economy
-Theme Paper 2: Effective Communication in the Workplace
-Theme Paper 3: Cross Cultural Understanding
-Theme Paper 4: Overview of Planning Research in TVET System
-Theme Paper 5: Teamwork Culture for Productivity and Competitiveness
-Theme Paper 6: Research Tools and Techniques
-Expert Lecture: Solar Technology for Green Energy

Mini Lectures

-Mini Lecture 1: Developing Confidence in Public Speaking
-Mini Lecture 2: Constructive and Effective Verbal and Written Communication Skills
-Mini Lecture 3: Job Interview Skills


-Task 1: Critical and Lateral Thinking Exercises
-Task 2: Task on Effective Communication
-Task 3: Pronunciation Drills
-Task 4A: Writing Official Letters and Memoranda
-Task 4B: Writing Application Letter and Resume
-Task 5: Mock Panel Interview
-Task 6: Identification of Potential Areas for Research
-Task 7: Identifying Different Team Role
-Task 8: Development of Proposal for Research in TVET System

Industry Immersion at Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

Industrial Visit 1

Socio – Cultural Events

-Cultural Visit 1: Trip to Taal Volcano/Tagaytay City Tour
-Cultural Visit 2: Trip to Hidden Valley Resort
-Welcome Dinner
-Farewell Dinner