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Integrating ICT Practices for Teaching and Learning System

Date : December 17-28, 2007   /
Venue : Chennai, India   /
Program Type: In-Country Program   /
Collaborating Organization: NITTTR Chennai  /

The main contents of the in-country program are as follows:

Module 1: Concepts of ICT-based Education & Training

  • Introducing Multimedia & E-Learning;
  • Integrating pedagogy with technology;
  • Methodology of developing E-Learning content.

Module 2: Utilizing Multimedia Building Blocks

  • Introducing the concept of animation and authoring;
  • Editing images using tools;
  • Generating Flash Animations;
  • Integrating Multimedia Building Blocks.

Module 3: Test Generation and web publishing

  • Construction of Test Items;
  • Creating Quizzes with Captivate 3;
  • Integrate Building Blocks using Authoring Software;
  • Uploading E-Learning Materials using Web Servers.