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Building Capacity in Educational Leadership and Management in the ASEAN Community

Date : 15-19 October 2012   /
Venue : Manila, Philippines   /
Program Type: Customized Program   /
Collaborating Organization: Thai Education Society  /

The main contents of the in-country program are as follows:

Special Lecture - Challenges in Education Towards the Realization of ASEAN Community 2015

Module 1. Basic Concepts of Educational Management and Quality Instruction

  • Preparing the Education Sector for ASEAN Community 2015
  • Educational Excellence through Accreditation, Quality Management and Strategic Human Resource
  • Management of Curriculum and Supported Learning Environment & Instruction in ASEAN Community

Module 2. Comparative Review of Educational Management Approaches in ASEAN Region: Case study on Philippine - Based Institutions

  • Knowledge Management System for teaching and learning organizations in the context of Philippines


Curriculum Development Program for Technical Education

Date :  October 1-5, 2012   /
Venue :  Yangon, Myanmar   /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

The main contents of the in-country program are as follows:


-Expert’s Lecture: Emerging Trends in Industry
-Theme Paper 1: Introduction to Competency-Based Curriculum
-Theme Paper 2: Identification of Competencies
-Theme Paper 3: Development of Competency Standards Using Delphi Approach
-Action Planning for Competency-Based Curriculum in TVET

Applying DACUM and Delphi Approaches to TVET Curriculum Design

-Task 1: Emergent and Current Trends Affecting TVET
-Task 2: Duty-Task List and Analysis Sheet using DACUM
-Task 3: Developing Competency Standards

Development of a Learning Package: Content and Structure

-Project Work on Competency-Based Training Package

Action Planning for a CBC in TVET

-Action Planning for Developing Competency-Based Curriculum in TVET