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Capacity Building Programme for SLIATE Non-Academic Staff

Location : CPSC Manila, Philippines /
Duration : 3 August 2009 to 14 August 2009 /
Program Type: Customized Program  /

The main course contents are as follows:

Special Lecture: Applying QMS for TVET Excellence
Module 1. Management and Leadership: Principles and Applications in Education and Training Institutions

Management and Leadership Concepts and its Applications in Educational Administration
-Educational Management and Leadership for Human Capital Development
-Presentation Software Revisited

Module 2.Total Quality Management Systems
-Total Quality Management: Origins, Evolution & key Concepts, Principles Applied in TVET System
-Introduction to Project Management Software
-Regional Accreditation: Mechanism for Cross-Border Mobility of TVET Graduates -Evaluation of Training Programs

Module 3.Human Capital Development and Management
-Talent Management in TVET
-Developing Attitudes for Personal Proficiency
-Strategic Approach to Work-Life Balance
-Managing Change and Developing Change Leaders

Task 1. Formulating an Organization Process Model
Task 2. 5S Exercise
Task 3. Case Study in Evaluation
Task 4. Preparing a Project Gannt Chart
Task 5. Case Study in Talent Management in IT
Task 6. Critical Thinking Exercises: Creating Work-Life Balance
Task 7. Case Study in HRD
Task 8. The Challenge to Change


Strategic Human Resource Management for SLIATE