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Competency-Based Education and Training (CBE&T)

Date : March 23-27, 2014   /
Venue : MalĂ©, Maldives   /
Program Type: In-Country Program   /
Collaborating Organization: Government of the Republic of Maldives through TVET Authority and Maldives Qualification Authority   /

The main program contents are as follows:

Special Lecture: TVET Educators for the New Global Economy

Module 1: Overview of CBE&T in TVET System

  • Conceptual foundations of competency and CBE&T
  • Competency Standards
  • CBE&T for enhanced employability, flexibility and portability of competencies
  • Current status of CBE&T in Maldives TVET System

Module 2: Identification of Competencies: DACUM Approach

  • Occupational Analysis
  • DACUM Approach and Duty-Task Sheet

Module 3: Overview of Competency-Based Assessmen

  • Competency-Based Assessment
  • Criteria for Assessment
  • Assessment Process
  • New initiatives in CBE&T in TVET System Project Work
  • Development of Competency-Based Training Package in the identified program