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Monitoring and Evaluation of TVET Programs

Location : Male, Maldives /
Duration : 31 May 2009 to 11 June 2009 /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

Module 1.  TQM and M & E:  Concepts and Processes
- Concepts and Processes of TQM
- TQM Models
- Concepts and Processes of M & E
- Program and Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Module 2.  Application of QMS Tools
- The Basic Tools
- The Advanced Tools
- The Techniques of M & E Activities

Module 3.  Training Program Evaluation
- Types of Training Evaluation
- Evaluation Process  and Stakeholders
- Framework and Techniques in Data Collection
- Evaluation of Training Process

Module 4.  M & E  Planning and Implementation System
- The Logical Frame Matrix Structure
- Guidelines in Conducting M & E
- Implementing an Evaluation Strategy

Module 5.  Evaluation Reports
- Institutional/Program Analysis
- Report Format
- Report Writing


Blue Ocean Strategy for HRD System

Location : Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Conference Hall, Olakha, Simtokha, Thimphu, Bhutan /
Duration : 11 May 2009 to 15 May 2009 /
Program Type: Regional  Program  /

Special Lecture: Change Management through Blue Ocean Strategy for TVET in Asia-Pacific Countries

Module 1. Reorientation of TVET for Labor Market through Blue Ocean Strategy
- Red oceans and blue oceans
- Value innovation
- Four actions framework

Module 2. Applying Blue Ocean Strategy in Green Entrepreneurship
- Green and Green-Green business
- Perspectives on green entrepreneurs
- Environmental entrepreneurship

Module 3. Knowledge Management and Learning Organization: An Enabler for Building and Executing Blue Ocean Strategy
- Explicit and tacit knowledge
- Knowledge life cycle
- Knowledge conversion

Module 4. Project Work: Devising an action plan for designing, introducing and implementing BOS for a selected area of business

Group Tasks.
Task 1: Management Game - Doing a SWOT Analysis
Task 2: Blue Ocean Strategy for Value Innovation
Task 3: Developing a Competency Profile for a Blue Ocean Strategist
Task 4: Becoming a Green Entrepreneur
Task 5: Practices of Knowledge Management