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Developing Learning Resources using Digital Media

Location : Bhopal, India/
Duration : 13 December 2010 to 24 December 2010 /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

Special Lecture: New Perspective for Teacher Education in TVET

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Media Resources in Teaching and Learning
- Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Digital Media Resources

Module 2: Creating Digital Image Learning Resources
- Introduction to Digital Photography
- Image Processing with Photoshop

Module 3: Developing Audio-Video and Animation Learning Resources
- Introduction to Digital Video Production
- 2D Animation with Flash Professional

Module 4: Producing Digital Media Resources
- Delivering Digital Media Learning Resources

Project Work - Publishing learning resources with Moodle


Green and Clean Technology for TVET

Location : Colombo, Sri Lanka /
Duration : 6 December 2010 to 11 December 2010 /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

Module-1: Introduction to Sustainable Development;
- Climate change and Global warming
- Greening TVET framework
- Renewable resources

Module -2: Technological aspect of solar energy;
- Importance of Solar Energy
- Application of Solar power
- Solar cell and Solar panel
- Photo Voltaic system design

Module -3: Technological aspect of Wind power;
- Wind power history
- Significance of wind power
- Wind characteristics
- Wind turbine design

Task and Project;
- Present status and challenges in implementing sustainable development in the institute
- Design of a Solar power system for TVET institute
- Design of a small wind turbine for the community
- Prepare an action plan for Green TVET Institution