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Competency-Based Education and Training

Location : Suva, Fiji /
Duration : 29 April 2008 to 3 May 2008 /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

Special Lecture : Emerging Trends in Industry Institute Partnership in Asia and the Pacific Countries

Module 1. General Concepts of Competency-Based Education and Training
- Understanding Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET)
- Identification of Competencies: Techniques for Occupational Analysis
- Competency Frameworks in CBET

Module 2. Standards and Learning Package and Best Practices
- Development of Standards: The Groundwork of Competencies Passport
- Development of Learning Package: Content and Structure
- Best Practices and Trends in CBET and Model CBC for TVET


Repositioning TVET Institutions through Knowledge Management

Location : The Summit Hotel, Subang Jaya USJ, Selangor, Malaysia /
Duration : 21 April 2008 to 2 May 2008 /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

Special Lecture: Knowledge Management and Knowledge Networking: A Strategic Approach 

Module 1. Knowledge Management in TVET 
- Basic Concepts and Application of Knowledge Management in TVET 
- Management of TVET Institutions Knowledge Processes and Systems 
- LMIS for Training Needs Identification for Knowledge Workers 

Module 2. Knowledge Management Techniques, Systems and Tools 
- Learning Organization and Knowledge Management 
- KM Techniques, Systems and Tools 
- Knowledge Management in Web Based Teaching and Learning System


Training Needs Assessment (TNA) in TVET Systems

Location :Islamabad, Pakistan /
Duration :7 April 2008 to 19 April 2008 /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

The main contents of the in-country program are as follows:

- Fundamentals of TNA
- Applications of TNA in TVET
- TNA in the Context of Strategic Planning and Management
- TNA Methods, Techniques and Tools for Developmental Change
- Developing Suitable Instruments for Obtaining Data and Administering TNA
- The TNA Approach: Evolving the TNA Framework in the Context of Organizational Needs
- Translating TNA Data into Training Plan Reports and Training Proposals