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Strengthening the Culture of Entrepreneurship in TVET

Date : July 15-19, 2013   /
Venue : Thanyaburi, Thailand   /
Program Type: Regional Program   /
Collaborating Organization: RMUTT  /

Special Lecture

  • Emerging Trends, Issues and Challenges in Entrepreneurial Education in TVET

Theme Paper 1: Entrepreneurship in TVET

  • Entrepreneurship in TVET Sector: Perspectives and Current Practices
  • Strategies for Promoting Entrepreneurial Education in TVET

Theme Paper 2: Entrepreneurial Venture Development Skills and Competencies

  • Start Your Own Business Venture
  • Developing Business Ideas

Theme Paper 3: Business Plan Preparation

  • Introduction to Business Plan Development
  • Developing a Business Plan

Project Work

  • Preparation of Business Plan

Another important part of the program is the conduct of the International Seminar on Emerging Trends in Linking TVET to the World of Work through Entrepreneurship which will be participated by Regional Program participants, business development facilitation agencies, local entrepreneurs and international development agencies in Thailand and other interested participants.


English Training and International Experience for Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi’s Support Staff

Date : July 7-13, 2013   /
Venue : Manila, Philippines   /
Program Type: Customized Program   /
Collaborating Organization: RMUTT, Thanyaburi  /

The main contents of the in-country program are as follows:

Special Lecture : Skills for Life/ Gearing Towards the ASEAN Community 2015

Theme Papers

  • Theme Paper 1: Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Theme Paper 2: Teamwork Culture for Productivity and Competitiveness
  • Theme Paper 3: Working in a Cross Cultural Environment

Learning Exercises

  • Learning Exercise 1: Pass the Message
  • Learning Exercise 2: Listening Skills
  • Learning Exercise 3: Building Confidence in Oral Communication
  • Learning Exercise 4: Debate/Group Presentation
  • Learning Exercise 5: Analysis of Team Role Composition
  • Learning Exercise 6: Preparation of Report on Learnings and Re-entry Plan