Academia - Industry Linkage in TVET

Date : July 2-6, 2012  /
Venue :  Kabul, Afghanistan   /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

This training program comprises of a special lecture and two modules and will cover the following contents:

Special Lecture: National Policies Linking TVET with Economic Expansion and TVET Best Practices in CPSC Member Countries

Module 1: Introduction to Academia-Industry Linkages in TVET

-Academia-Industry Linkages in the Perspective of Dynamic Workplace
-Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in TVET for Achieving Enhanced Relevance of Skills

Module 2: Industry Perspective and Best Practices

-Academia-Industry Linkage: Industry Perspective
-Innovative Models and Approaches to Academia-Industry Linkage in the Modern World
-Panel Discussions on Academia-Industry Linkages in TVET sector

Tasks and Action Planning

-Issues, concerns and challenges in building Academia-Industry Linkage in TVET sector of Afghanistan
-Developing strategies for enhancing Academia-Industry Linkage in TVET sector of Afghanistan
-Case study on “Transforming TVET Institution into Excellence through Industry Partnership”
-Action plans for developing linkages and partnerships with the industry sector in the development and management of TVET institutions ( Project Work)