Building Capacity on Educational Leadership and Management

Location : CPSC, Manila, Philippines /
Duration : 8 September 2008 to 19 September 2008 /
Program Type: Customized Program  /

In the world today, change is exponential; the most dynamic feature of this change is technology. The shift from conventional to technology-based instructions imposes inevitable transformations, upgradation and orientation on the way educational institutions and instructions are managed and made to adapt to changes.

Similarly, the classroom environment is fast changing because of the changing landscape of the world at large. New approaches to institutional management and learning are rapidly catching up and taking over traditional management approaches.

It is said that "Education is the sovereign remedy for all economic ills; the higher the standard of education and science applied to industrial calling, the greater the wealth produced". This speaks of realization of importance of adjusting pedagogical paradigms to meet learning needs and outcomes.

The program emphasizes advanced levels of academic challenge in pursuit of quality and excellence in education. It incorporates sound leadership and quality culture for effective decision making, enabling them to become positive change agents in the attainment of learning objectives.