Capacity Building and Study Visit of TVET Officials from Maldives

Location : CPSC, Manila, Philippines /
Duration : 17 August 2008 to 23 August 2008 /
Program Type: Customized Program  /

Human resource at the micro level is an important asset of any organization. The potential and capabilities of the human resource must be harnessed and fully utilized in order to support an organization in achieving competitive advantage. At the macro level, the importance of high quality human resources for achieving the national competitiveness can not also be undermined.

Human resource development (HRD) plays an important role in achieving sustainable development. It is a process of increasing the knowledge, skills and capacity of the people in a society. As Peter Drucker observed, "We now know that the source of wealth is something specifically human: knowledge. If we apply knowledge to tasks we already know how to do, we call it 'productivity'. If we apply knowledge to tasks that are new and different, we call it 'innovation'. Only knowledge allows us to achieve these two goals".