Integrating ICT Practices for Teaching and Learning Systems

Location : CPSC, Manila, Philippines /
Duration : 3 November 2008 to 4 November 2008 /
Program Type: Customized Program  /

The in-country program will provide a basic understanding of the best practices of E-Learning taking place at the global and regional level through the utilization of ICT. It will sharpen the knowledge and experience of the participants for generation of E-Learning materials that will impact the national TVET learning process system. In addition, there will be a seminar on ICT in Education. At the end of the program, the participants are expected to prepare a stand alone teaching and learning system that can be deployed throughout the TVET sector.

The main contents of the in-country program are as follows:

Special Lecture: Best Practices of using ICT in Asia and the Pacific Region

Module 1. Basic concepts of ICT-based Education and Training

    - Integrating Multimedia & ICT in Teaching & Learning System
    - New Science of Teaching and Learning
    - Managing E-Learning Project Life Cycles
    - Philippine ICT Roadmap

Module 2. Utilizing Authoring Tools to Create Instructional Building Blocks

    - Modeling ICT Development in Education
    - Integrating KM with ICT for Teaching and Learning Systems
    - Creating Images using Tools
    - Introduction to Animation
    - Generating Flash animations for Training
    - Rapid E-Learning Development using Adobe Captivate

Module 3. Using Web Tools for Delivery of Integrated Learning Content

    - ICT Skills Requirements 7 Paradigm Shifts
    - Using Web Server for hosting E-Learning
    - Introduction to Moodle
    - Integrating E-Learning with Moodle
    - ICT Skills Requirements 7 Paradigm Shifts