Web-Based Teaching and Learning System

Date : December 17-22, 2012   /
Venue : Chennai, India   /
Program Type: In-Country Program   /
Collaborating Organization: NITTTR Chennai  /

The main contents of the in-country program are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction toWeb-Based Media Resources in Teaching & Learning

  • Integrating multimedia & ICT in teaching and learning system;
  • Emergence of new web media resources in teaching and learning;
  • Issues & challenges in developing web-based media resources in TVET Sector.

Module 2: Rapid E-Learning Development Using Adobe Creative Suite

  • Understand and appreciate the value of Adobe Creative Suite as a tool in developing E-learning contents;
  • Produce instructional/informational materials that cover basic and interactive presentations combined with recorded narrations and other rich media elements;
  • Deploy the learning resource in Learning Management System-ready packages.

Module 3: Learning Management System with Moodle

  • Basic Concept and Characteristics of LMS;
  • Installation and Customization of Moodle;
  • E-Learning Content uploading to Moodle Server;
  • Design and Create quizzes.