Training Needs Analysis in TVET

Date : December 10-14, 2012   /
Venue : UNIVOTEC, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka   /
Program Type: In-Country Program   /
Collaborating Organization: Department of Technical Education & Training (DTET), Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sri Lanka  /

The main contents of the in-country program are as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to Training Needs Analysis in TVET Sector

  • Training Needs Analysis : Fundamental, Principles and Approaches
  • Issues, Concerns & Challenges in TNA in TVET Sector
  • Training Needs Analysis : Tools, Techniques and Process
  • Initiatives and Strategies for TNA in Developing Training Course in the context of Sri Lanka

Module 2: Developing Training Needs Analysis in TVET system

  • Designing Training Program
  • Evaluating Training Program
  • Best Action Models and practices of TNA in Sri Lanka
  • Developing Strategies for TNA system in TVET sector

Task and Action planning

  • Issues, Concerns and Challenges Using TNA in TVET Sector
  • Developing TNA Instrument & Strategies for Use in TVET Sector
  • Developing Training Program for the Employee
  • Action Plan on TNA Project in TVET Sector

Expected Outcome

  1. Emergent approaches for integrating TNA for TVET Sector
  2. Action plan with a special vision for TNA project in TVET Sector