Knowledge Management System for Teaching and Learning

Location : The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji Islands /
Duration : 14 April 2009 to 19 April 2009 /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

Special Lecture: New Paradigms for Technical Teachers’ Training

Module 1. Conceptual Foundations of Knowledge
- Knowledge and information
- Explicit knowledge
- Tacit knowledge

Module 2. Basic Concepts and Application of Knowledge Management in TVET
- Components of knowledge management
- Knowledge management models
- A Model of Knowledge Management for TVET System

Module 3. Knowledge Management through e-learning Systems
- e-teaching and learning systems
- Implementation of e-teaching and learning systems
- Maintenance of e-teaching and learning systems

Module 4. Project Work: Formulation of an action plan for designing, introducing and implementing a knowledge management system

Group Tasks.
Task 1: Practices of Knowledge Management in TVET Institutions
Task 2: Management Game: SWOT Analysis and Identification of Knowledge Processes and Systems
Task 3: Skills Audit
Task 4: Developing a Competency Profile for a Chief Knowledge Officer
Task 5: TVET Institutions as Learning Organizations
Task 6: Proposal for Knowledge Management through ICT