Developing Generic Skills for Employment Mobility

Date : Oct. 7-11, 2013   /
Venue : Thimphu, Bhutan   /
Program Type: In-Country Program   /
Collaborating Organization: Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Government of Bhutan  /

Special Lecture: Skills for life

Theme Paper 1: Generic Skills: An overview

  • Generic Skills: Concepts and Principles
  • International perspectives on generic skills

Theme Paper 2: Generic skills for employability

  • Significance and framework of generic skills for employability
  • Employability skills: Balancing the equation
  • Core Generic Skills for Employability
  • The development of employability skills of novice workers through employment

Theme Paper 3: Generic Skills in TVET Curriculum

  • Generic skills for sustainable development in the TVET curriculum
  • Designing a suitable generic skills program for TVET students

Action plan: Designing generic skills program for sustainable TVET

National Seminar: Current state and emerging trends, issues and challenges in TVET systems