Strategic Planning for Bangladesh VET Managers

Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh /
Duration : 29 March 2011 to 31 March 2011 /
Program Type: Customized  Program  /

Special Lecture: New Paradigms in TVET Teacher Education

Theme Papers
- Theme Paper 1: Overview of Strategic Planning in TVET
- Theme Paper 2: Case Study on CPSC’s Strategic Planning
- Theme Paper 3: Advanced Tools and Approaches for Strategic Planning
- Theme Paper 4: Transforming TVET Institutions through Accreditation

Group Tasks
- Group Task 1: SWOT Analysis and Discussion
- Group Task 2: Discussion on Crafting Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategies,
  and Objectives
- Group Task 3: Practice on Tools and Approaches for Strategic Planning
- Group Task 4: Gap Analysis for Accreditation

Project Work: Preparation of Action Plan for developing a Strategic Plan of
TVET Institutions