Industry - Institution Linkage System in TVET

Location : Seoul, Korea /
Duration : 28 September 2010 to 6 October 2010 /
Program Type: Regional Program  /

The delivery of the program design follows a spiral learning approach, begins with an overview of core concepts and followed by progressively deeper application of the concepts and finally, a self-directed learning approach through action planning.

Regional Program on Enhancing Industry-Institution Linkage System (September 28-October 06, 2010)

Special Lecture: From Industry Institute Interaction to Public Private Partnership: A Journey to Excellence

Module 1: Enhancing Industry-Institution Linkage System for TVET Excellence
- Industry-Institution Partnership: Strategies for Linking TVET Towards Job Opportunities and the World of Work
- Emerging Models of Industry-Institution Partnership and Development
- Emerging Models of Industry-Institution Partnership and Development
- Industry-institute Linkage System in TVET in Korea

Module 2: Developing Strategies for Effective TVET Implementation of Industry-institution Linkage System in TVET
- Emerging Approaches for TVET for Resource Generation through Effective Industry –Institution Linkage System
- Case Study on Industry Participation in Curriculum Development in Korea
- Introduction to Action Planning in IILS

Project Work:

- Identification of emerging approaches for an effective Industry–Institution Linkage System in TVET.
- Preparation of an Action Plan for Enhancing Industry–Institution Linkage System for TVET Excellence.

International Conference on HRD in TVET (September 29-30, 2010)