Monitoring and Evaluation of TVET Programs

Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh /
Duration : 29 September 2009 to 8 October 2009 /
Program Type: In-Country Program  /

Special Lecture: Applying Quality Management System in TVET for Excellence

Module 1. TQM and M & E: Concepts and Processes

Concepts and Processes of TQM and M & E
Program and Project Monitoring and Evaluation
Module 2. Application of QMS Tools

The Basic Tools
The Advanced Tools
The Techniques of M & E Activities
Module 3. Training Program Evaluation

Types Training Evaluation
Evaluation Process and Stakeholders
Framework and Techniques in Data Collection
Evaluation of Training Process
Module 4. M & E Planning and Implementation System

The Logical Frame Matrix Structure
Guidelines in Conducting M & E
Implementing an Evaluation Strategy
Module 5. Evaluation Reports

Institutional/Program Analysis
Report Format
Report Writing
Tasks: Structured Learning Exercises: Leveling of M & E Experience

Task 1. Problem Solving Using Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Skills
Task 2. Case Study
Task 3. Meta-planning Exercise and Presentation
Task 4. Evaluating a TVET Program/Project
Task 5. Live M & E Experience

Action Plan: Developing an Evaluation Report